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Promoted For Being Good at Your Job

Everyone starts their career in different ways. Maybe you went to college and always knew what you wanted to do, graduated and were fortunate to get a job with a smooth transition into your career. However, the reality is that many of us didn’t know what we wanted to do when we graduated high school at 18. What does that look like? You followed the lead of those who were influencers in your life and maybe went to school for something you didn’t love, because it ‘made sense or was a stable option’ and that’s okay because an undergraduate degree helps provides information about critical thinking plus managing life and a workload. When I was in college someone said to me “college proves you can learn”. There are also many people who never went to college, started and decided it wasn’t for them, went for two years to obtain an Associate’s degree, or went into a trade. All great choices if they worked for you. No matter the path you chose, there may come a time that you are recognized for your hard work and dedication, and you get promoted. This is often an empowering happy time, until you realize the skills needed for this job are very different then the one you held previously. Unfortunately, many companies have limited training for new managers, and you have to learn on the job. Top performers are typically identified to move into a supervisory role because they excel at the tasks in their current job plus, they are reliable, hardworking and they show up for work. That doesn’t mean they have the skills needed to manage people. Yet they often get little, if any of the leadership training that is needed to be successful at guiding their team. Now what? This creates weak points in the system.

The Dara Knot in my logo conveys the strength of the oak tree, it consists of several intertwined lines with no apparent end or beginning and derives from the Gaelic word “doire” meaning oak tree which is believed to be resistant to lightning. It is a symbol of power, endurance, and wisdom. Business systems are intertwined much like the Dara Knot’s representation of the oak tree. If they are all strong, you will see the strength in your outcomes. As a manager supervising a team, you need the ability to articulate the organizational mission, cultural expectations, goals and progress towards those goals to your team throughout the year. In addition to this, it’s imperative that your daily communication is clear, and you know how to reinforce the behaviors you want repeated - not the ones you don’t want to see again. Most importantly, you want to address those difficult conversations swiftly and appropriately, so you don’t lose good employees due to the behaviors of the weak employees. When these things don’t happen, they create a ‘weakness’ in your system. These skills need to be taught and it’s not a one size fits all. Coaching creates a safe place to meet managers where they are and support them in learning these techniques in a sustainable way. Most managers won’t self-identify the need for training out of fear that they should already have these skills. This is often overlooked by senior leadership because the problem is systemic, and this deficit exists at many levels in an organization. Having a standard development program for new leaders with an external Coach provides an objective way to ingrain your mission, culture, values, and effective communication throughout your organization.

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