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Updated: Mar 24

Welcome to my Talent-Centered Solutions Blog. The last few years we have experienced tremendous change. Many are questioning their idea of a meaningful life and loyalty to their employer. A human-centered employee experience is a top priority to stay competitive in the marketplace and Talent-Centered Solutions is committed to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals. My name is Aideen Snell. For the last 20 years I’ve worked with business leader in various settings, primarily in acute health care settings to achieve their goals and develop teams to reach their full potential. I also have experience in education, non-profits, long-term care, and other service industries.

Given these recent challenges we've all been experiencing loss, burnout and isolation. There has been an increase in mental health needs, as many feel anxiety due to the instability and many unknowns. We often hear “this is the new normal” or “when things return to normal”, but visions of normalcy now seem like distant memories. There are some silver linings; some of us had more time spent with family, reprieve from rush hour traffic, maybe you adopted a pet. We showed resilience, navigated, and adjusted our workplace to keep things going, advancing technology and virtual communication for the better. Now we are reflecting on what's most important to us going forward.

Effective business systems are part of your organizational infrastructure with many complexities that are required to integrate and run smoothly to be successful. More importantly, there are people who manage these systems, and they need to be running smoothly as well. Talent-Centered Solutions supports individuals and organizations to navigate today’s challenges so that they can reach their goals through coaching, employee retention initiatives and training. Today we seek a little more human in everything we do. We have been through a lot! Take care of yourself and your employees today by reaching out to www.talentcenteredsolutions.com #employeeexperience #worklifebalance #employeegrowth #employeeretention #achieveyourgoals #bekindtoyourselfandyourstaff

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